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DJ Dave Dolphin
3420 Federal Avenue #10, Los Angeles, CA 90066


David Whitcraft, a.k.a. "DJ Dave Dolphin" grew up in California where he played piano and guitar in a few bands, moved to Colorado for college at the University of Denver, where he received a Bachelor's degree in Music, and now lives back in California. He has traveled and performed all over the world - Bali, Ibiza, Morocco, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, England, France, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, & Greece.

DJ Dave has played at some of the most sought after and exclusive clubs & restaurants in L.A. and Orange County. They include Hakkasan, Louis XIV, Forty Deuce, Vertigo, Confetti, Metropolis, Chester's, Club Lingerie, Deep, Voodoo Lounge, The Hard Rock Cafe, Guy's, The Metro, Mannikin, Club L.A., Mick's P.B., Stovepiper and many more (see Club List).

He has spun abroad in Bali, Ibiza, Morocco, and Mexico. Dave has been relevant in the underground dance music scene since 1989, working with well known D.J.'s like Carl Cox, Mark Lewis, Doc Martin, Taylor and Eli Star to name a few. Dave began his nightclub career back in 1982 in Denver at the world class nightclub, Confetti - Colorado's largest, and at the time, most successful nightclub.

In 1988, Dave moved to San Diego, where he played at Metro, Mannikin, Mick's P.B. & Maxim's. In 1990, he moved to Norwalk where he opened Cabrio's. Later he got the gig as DJ at "the world famous" Chester Drawers - in Costa Mesa, where he wowed crowds for over 10 years.

Somewhere in the mid- 90's, he landed a job at Louis XIV in Hollywood, where he DJ'd for about 5 years. From the 90's to present day, he has worked numerous parties all over LA: underground clubs, fine restaurants, raves, desert parties, Burning Man, global gigs and local living rooms.

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Club / Venue / Event List.


NU Sanctuary Lounge, Las Vegas Burning Man Radio Free Burning Man

"Ali Baba's Magic Carpet Ride" - Alladin Hotel, Las Vegas


Los Angeles

Gloster Viceroy Hotel - Santa Monica Fairmont Hotel - Santa Monica

Earthdance The Queen Mary Back On The Beach Calamigos Ranch

Lux Hotel Cannons Yamashiro Wyndham

Hotel Figueroa Falcon The Castaway Beau Rivage

Jonathan Club UBar Yard House Forty Deuce

Deep The Highlands Create Fixate Grace

Fantasy Yacht Club Joey B's Stone Manor Malibu Skirball Cultural Center

Vibrato Grill & Jazz Moonshadows Sunset Trocadero iCugini

The Continental Tantra The Pearl Seau's

Shanghai Red's Baraka Moomba The Garden of Eden

The El Rey Theatre Club Lingerie Vertigo Carbon

Rancho del Diablo Dormido Stovepiper Diwan 94th Aero Squadron

Voodoo Lounge Guy's Starlight Metropolis

Magic Wednesday's Sketch Pad Louis XIV Chester Drawers

Cabrio's Topanga Days


San Diego

Metro Mannikin Mick's P.B. Maxim's Hard Rock Cafe



Club L.A. Café Sante Fe Piranah Room Neo Confetti

Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Denver Symphony - Polo Events


The Rest of the World

La Sal, Ibiza Morocco Bali Mexico



Client List.

Apple Jenevieve X Asylum EFX R.S.V.P.

Delicious Films Max vonWening - Art By Max Music By Request

Disneyland Brass Knuckles Propaganda Films

Warner Brothers / Hallow Man / Paul Verhoven, director

Grace Restaurant L3i Orange County Museum of Art

South Coast Repertory Pacific Symphony Orchestra Wells Fargo

Azusa Pacific University L.A. Dealers Auto Auction Coldwell Banker

Super Cuts Trac Mix The Raiderettes Mira Costa Drill Team

many Fitness Instructors / Competitors, Magicians, and more.



DJ's / Acts I've worked with

Scott Kirkland of Crystal Method

Doc Martin Taylor Mark Lewis

Carl Cox Eli Star Shoe

Gavin Hardkiss Marcus Wyatt Death In Vegas

Aldo Bender Michael Cook Jimmy Shaheen

Hareesh OnMars Jean-Louis The Bud Brothers

Tricia Halloran Ozomatli Perry Ferrell

Anne Litt Liza Richardson Trevor Smith RD White

Information Society America Lyle Lovett

Hugo A Go-Go Fast Forward The Timanatones

Hank Hack and the Chain Saws



Testimonials, References and Comments:


Your Orbit mix was one of 4 CDs I recently got from pureacid and it was, w/o question, the superior mix of the group. This is the first time I've heard a mix of tracks I would use (and, in some cases, have used) myself -- not to impose my ego on your creativity, just a way of saying it seemed so familiar, so right....

So this constitutes a fan letter, I guess ... which I hope is OK. When I saw your listing in the guestbook I couldn't resist saying Thanks for providing a truly flawless mix. I plan to get all yr CDs from pureacid, and hope you will continue to be releasing these righteous collections for the further delight and education of the world's wannabe dj's....

Live free and prosper!



I want to thank you for inviting me to your gig last night. I can't tell you how inspired I feel.
I've been in my little cocoon for so long that I forgot how nurtured I feel by music and art and people together.
My mind is ablaze with possibility today and it feels so wonderful. Thank you.

Elena Miliaresis



I loved the (video) editing by Dave Whitcraft of 8 STAR Entertainment's documentary trailers... creative, professional and beautiful.

Thank you again!



Cida Goncalves

8 STAR Entertainment